Depot Square Flats


Depot Square Flats is History Reborn

Depot Square Flats is part of a passion project that brings back to life the legendary RomWeber Furniture Company that played a central role in carving out Batesville’s identity and is now a National Historic Landmark. 

Depot Square Flats is named after the Big Four Railroad’s train station on Depot Street, built in 1852.

Old sketch drawing of Depot Square Batesville IN

Bringing History Into the Modern Age

While Depot Square Flats is a National Historic Landmark, we also wanted our residents to enjoy a modern design aesthetic. That’s why we’ve blended the best of both worlds into our apartments. We’re the perfect home for those who want to appreciate history up close without compromising their  contemporary lifestyle.

The Big Picture

Revitalizing a charming small town like Batesville has been our goal. By giving new life to an historic factory and offering affordable housing you can be proud of, Depot Square Flats is at the forefront of a national movement to develop areas of unseen potential into areas of tremendous vitality.

Umbrella art event Batesville IN

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